A hair cut has to match the face shape and the lifestyle of the client. You wouldn’t want a hair cut which you would have to style for an hour a day if you didn’t have the time. You should have your hair cut every 6-8 weeks for it to grow and keep healthy. Colouring your hair, you could do this in different ways. Highlights T-bar (which I highlight your hair line and your parting), Half head, Full head, or an all over permanent/semi-permanent colour. I can help you would pick a colour that would match your skin tone as it wont look to harsh against you, but everyone’s different.

Hair Extensions

There’s all different kind of hair extensions but I would highly recommend micro looped/beaded and pre bonded.  These are the most natural looking extensions on the market. They come in all colours and sizes, from platinum blond to black, from 16 inch to 24 inch. You can use them to create length or just thickness and are both individual stranded.  Micro loop is a bead where your hair strand and the extension are threaded through the copper micro ring which is coated in silicone and then the ring is crimped to hold it into place. Pre bonded is a strand of hair with a tip of keratin glue which is melted and rolled into a bond around the root of the hair. They last anything up to 3 months depending on the care you give them.

Spray Tanning

There’s all different kind of shades of tanning solution. I could help you choose one to match your skin tone. This is the most safest and fastest way to get your self tanned. It takes 10 minutes to get tanned and last anything up to 10 days, depending on how you look after it. It has no UV protection so it doesn’t act as a barrier against the sun. There’s no UVA/UVB’s in there to damage your skin. By having a tan your confident boosts straight up, as it leaves you looking healthy and glowing.

Gellux/Shellac Nails

This comes in many colours for all occasions. These are a gel polish that’s a cross between normal nail polish and gel nails. This means that you can brush it on like polish, but it lasts like a gel. It won't chip, it won't fade and it'll look gorgeous for 15 days. Each colour has the glossy finish of a gel and can be applied to the natural nail or over any nail extension system. It cures in just a matter of seconds under a UV light so it leaves you with no smudges or runs developing while the polish dries.


A manicure/pedicure is a beauty treatment to the hands/feet. A manicure and pedicure is always to maintain that hand's and feet all-around health. By getting your nails manicured regularly it makes them look nice. Nothing looks more horrible then chipped nail varnish and over grown cuticles.  This treatment covers a nice relaxing massage and all cuticle work done. On the feet i exfoliate and file the bottom of the foot. I offer a few treatments tat enhance a manicure/pedicure; if your hands/feet are very dry i would suggest a moisturising treatment like heated booties/mitts. If you have a lot of dry itchy skin i would suggest a paraffin wax treatment.

Eye Lash & Brow Tinting

Some times you dye your hair darker and your eye brows look a bit dull, so you would tint them to enhance them more. Also Eyebrow tinting will enhance the general appearance of your eyes. If you have fine eye brows, by tinting them it will also enhance them to your natural appearance. Eye lash tinting is the next mascara. You would dye your eye lashes if you do a great deal of sporting activities for e.g. go swimming a lot, its very natural so it will save the panda eye look. Most people have this treatment if they where going on holiday it will save time and even at the beach your eye make up will still look good as its like a mascara. If you are allergic or very sensitive to some make up by tinting your eye brows/lashes you could still give the make up affect. Like most things this product comes in different colours to match your natural colour.